In the spring of 2009, a handful of college a cappella alumni who wanted to sing, fellowship, and serve the local community decided to start up a post-collegiate Christian a cappella group. At our exploratory meeting, God blessed us with lots of excited people who shared that same vision. Over the past year, we have worked to master a selection of songs from a variety of genres and have performed throughout the Boston area. We sing to glorify our savior, Jesus Christ, and to express our hope in Him.

Our goal is to be a well-rehearsed, agile singing machine, ready to serve where God gives us opportunities. 

We want to reach those in the Boston community who are often overlooked and could benefit especially from spiritual encouragement. As we continue seeking Christ together, we exercise not only our voices but also (and more importantly) our faith. We strive to work hard and depend on God to give us what we need to effectively serve the people He brings into our lives.
There is a certain level of commitment expected. We rehearse every Monday, 7:30PM-10PM at MIT. The mission of the group depends on consistent attendance at rehearsals. We expect members to miss no more than 2 per semester excepting illness or other emergencies.

We meet on Monday evenings from 7:30-10 PM at MIT.

Pop rock, jazz, classical choral, classic a cappella, Christian worship songs
We are always looking for experienced singers with a similar vision to join us in this ministry. We typically do auditions once a year and ask for a one-year commitment. Occasionally we may have needs throughout the year, as members sometimes leave unexpectedly.  If you are interested in auditioning, please fill out this form here.

You can also contact us via e-mail at info@bostonfound.org.

Auditions typically last for approximately 20 minutes.

We will ask you to sing:
- a few musical exercises (scales, intervals, and sight reading)
- a memorized unaccompanied solo of your choice
- a learned excerpt with the group that will be e-mailed to you after you sign up for an audition

We will also ask you a few questions about your survey answers and give you a chance to ask us questions as well.