Joint Concert with MIT's Cross Linked!

On August 10th underneath the warm sunshine in Boston Common, we had a joint concert with MIT's summer a cappella group, Cross Linked.

Here is the set that we sang (including soloists!)

Afterlife - Ben
God is God - Alvin
Make a Move - Beth
Change - Ben
This is your life - Martin
You Found Me - Kat
Thank You - Ben

We had a chance to interact with a homeless (?) man who walked up to us telling us all about his life's woes. A couple folks from Cross Linked ended up sitting with him and even giving him a care package during our performance. Thanks guys! You are the best!

It was a wonderful opportunity to share a bit with the neighborhood (and maybe tourists?) as well as get to know some of our other a cappella kin a bit better.

Hopefully photos coming soon!


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