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Skiing over MLK day

Sometimes, when the members of a singing group really love each other ... they go skiing together!  This January we had a great opportunity to visit Smuggler's Notch in Vermont together.  It made us happy like this:

There was great powder, especially on our first day there.  Smuggs has lots of fun things to do like snowshoeing and ice skating in addition to three medium sized peaks to ski.  We all stayed together in one apartment, sharing meals, staying up late talking, and playing games.  The camaraderie of it all!

It was very cold that weekend, especially at the top of the taller peaks, where knife-like winds had driven cakes of snow onto the trees and swept the summits bare of powder.  On the lift ride up, you could feel the temperature drop 10 degrees, and watch as the trees turned from green to white.

This small low only served to highlight all the wonderful things about our trip, though!  It was great to get to take a vacation from work and school, as well as spend the time …