Singing with Harvard's Under Construction

Hey all! It's December and we're busy busy busy!
This past Friday evening (December 2, 2011), we had a wonderful opportunity to open for Harvard's Under Construction (UC) fall concert. The concert was held at Agassiz Theater in Radcliff Yard, not too far from Cambridge Common!
We started out with what has now become our "theme" song - "You Found Me" by Kelly Clarkson. (Get it, Boston Found / You Found Me?). Kat did an amazing job with the solo, full of energy and soul!

Erica then sang a gorgeous solo to "I Live For You," our second song of the night.
Finally, we ended with a "thank you" - a thank you to God, our friends & family, and the audience - by singing Thank You by Boyz II Men. Thanks Ele for filling in last minute, since Daniel's voice was shot for his cough!
Harvard's Under Construction then came up and put on a great show complete with a cappella songs from various genres as well as a skit!

We still have many gigs coming up, and you're welcome to come listen! We'll announce them in a separate post. :)